How to Plan Out Gutter Installation

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When installing new gutters or replacing existing ones, it’s important to carefully plan out your project before starting. This includes determining the order in which you’ll hang each section and accounting for any special features (such as security cameras along your roof line) that require extra consideration. Ladder access, if needed, and the complexity of your roof line also factor into your planning.

Understanding the Gutter Installation Process

It’s also critical to have the right tools for your project, including Enz & Sons of Huntsville, a helper, safety glasses and heavy gloves for protection from cuts and scrapes. Gutter components are long and can be difficult to maneuver on a ladder, so it’s important to have someone with you to spot you and provide support. You’ll also need a tape measure to make measurements, a drill and hex head driver for drilling holes, tin snips or a hacksaw for cutting gutter sections, and a sheet metal crimper or pliers to squeeze (or “crimp”) the ends of gutter pieces.

After determining the placement of each gutter section, it’s important to create a “fall,” or a slope that ensures water flows toward downspouts and away from the fascia board. For ideal drainage, you want about one inch of fall for every 20 feet of gutter run. To do this, locate the highest point of the gutter slope and temporarily tack a nail in place. Use a bubble level to mark the highest point on the gutter slope, then have your assistant move the level down to the nail and snap it. This will create a chalk line that you can use as a guide for the rest of the gutter slope.

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