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I caught my son wearing pantyhose

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Decided to lay its egg sac there. And last week he finally came home with the news that he had to do something on “nylon”. Give your legs a break and wear a dressed-up pant. You want to be all feminine, now is your chance, sissy leanne,” i mocked. You have really kicked your father in the balls, with, this,” i mumbled.


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I caught my son wearing pantyhose. Get him his own tutu and blinged up dressing up stuff. I worked on his face for the next few minutes, until all trace of makeup had been removed. The current batch got relegated by me from the sock drawer to the dressing up box but seem to have found their way back. Counted to me then. Jacket with, of course, more pockets. Behind them, wrestled their bag from them and ran.


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Honestly, i think school projects are wasted on the young. I think when you said you saw a relief over his face, i think he was feeling better because it would stop the tension between your family, i think keeping him from what he loves to do isnt healthy, if that is who he is then he should be able to do what he wants with his life and self, those doctors dont know what they are talking about and they all pretty much go by old school scociety. I was six and i went around as.

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