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I suck at english


Do you really suck at speaking english? | english harmony

B) a native speaker by deffinition does not suck at grammar. Arabic is a horrible example to use, for it is a macrolanguage. It is the grammar of. Was used in an english course i took at uni this semester and has helped me greatly, such as teaching me when it is appropriate to “my friend and i” vs “my friend and me”, when to use”that” or “which” in a sentence, when you can used a comma directly followed by “and”, dependent and independent clauses, run-on sentences, comma splices. English to remedy op’s improper grasp of that variety of english.


I suck at - english speaking lessons on expressions and phrasal english

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I suck at english. Resources for each language. He also needs to understand that there is no such thing as standard english as there is hochdeutsch or modern standard english. It could be that. However, if we are talking about misapplied descriptivism, then we need to talk about misapplied prescriptivism. If the latter, then it might be better to find a course or a group of friends/colleagues to just practice writing.


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Coupled with the fact that many native speakers are exposed to a lax education system that’s soft on correcting grammar, and it’s no wonder many of them go around with a non-standard knowledge of grammar. The truth is the education system has failed them by not teaching them about grammar because “that’s what old matronly types do and it’s wrong and against our ‘yewman rites’. However, i think i know what you’re referring to.

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