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CBDDY – ice cream sundae strain is a popular indica strain that has a high THC level and low CBD content. This bud is a favorite of marijuana enthusiasts for its super sweet flavor and uplifting cerebral effects.

Ice Cream Sundae Indica Or Sativa? Weed Strain Information

The ice cream sundae cannabis strain is an indica dominant hybrid (80%indica/20% sativa) and is bred by Paradise Seeds. This bud has a sweet citrus aroma and a taste of skunky vanilla with hints of pine.

Its dense nugs are covered with thick, tightly curled orange hairs and a coating of chunky amber-tinted trichomes. This bud is great for growers who are new to the industry, as it grows well both indoors and outdoors.

This bud is also a good choice for medical patients who suffer from chronic stress or anxiety. Its indica-based effects allow patients to relax and alleviate pain.

In addition to its sedating effects, ice cream sundae is also effective for managing insomnia and depression-related disorders. The strain also offers relief from mild aches and pains, especially those that occur after a long day of work or activity.

The terpene profile of this bud includes caryophyllene and myrcene, which are known to provide powerful anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing effects. The terpenes can also help reduce the frequency of migraines and headaches by interacting with the CB2 receptors in the brain.

The ice cream sundae strain is an indica-dominant bud that can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. Its flowering time is a short 8-9 weeks indoors and it will be ready for harvest late October outdoors.

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