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Interracial sprite ad


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If you say it than you will immediately be labeled as racist. This really challenges the whole idea of advertising and corporate sales. Even my own mother thought it was funny! and the race thing was never meant to be an issue. And so push diversity in the white collar workplace. And backstepped a bit, but the statement was already made, and it coincides with the evidence of sales numbers and readership demographics.

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Interracial sprite ad. Competition for sprite includes. I’m tired of women being portrayed in offensive “slave to men” ways as if their only purpose in life is to be eye candy for men. If i have to watch a commercial at all, and these days i don’t, i’d rather have it be an interesting one. Article that discussed the ad mentioned that the name of the producer and director was max isaacson. Brilliant! good for you max. There are several articles that make this point perfectly clear.

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There are times when i think we tend to over analyze things, including these silly commercials. There is also research, which i discussed, that shows people have an adverse and unpleasant reaction to seeing interracial couples. Mainstream news organizations do not exist to uncover and disseminate the truth; they exist as the propaganda wing of the international left.

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