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Male anal electrocution


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This thread is a brilliant example of the top post being perfectly clear, concise, easy to understand, and directly addressing the question. People need to know the horrific facts behind the fur trade. This kills the bastard. Gives the answer you’d get in a 300/400-level course. The 5 year old would be shocked.

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New york bans anal electrocution | petaAnal electrocution


Ny bans electrocution of animals for fur - ny daily newsJay rising in gay slave has his asshole electrocuted, hd / from: kink men / 30 minutes of tormentNew york bans grisly electrocution of animals for fur | newsday


Male anal electrocution. It’s passed into the vernacular and moved away from its original meaning. I agree, that saying of least resistance is flawed. Xlr: invented by james h. The whole body is in some trouble and may be “sick” from a bruise. For being too simplified. In the movie he described how the shoddy wiring in the poor area he was wouldn’t have an interrupt or breakers to overload, it would be drawing energy until the power is turned off. There is no similar law or pending bill in other states, saidjanna goodwin of the national conference of state legislatures.


Shock is the word. Never be the same after that explanation.

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