Microblading Northern Beaches

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Your brows are your most important facial feature, they frame the face and can really open up the eyes. They are also pivotal in giving your face symmetry and are crucial for the way you express yourself. With the correct placement of your eyebrows and a three dimensional hair stroke technique microblading northern beaches will give you beautiful, natural looking symmetrical brows that last for years!

How much did microblading cost?

Microblading is a manual semi-permanent makeup procedure that uses a tiny needle to make fine incisions into the skin. This is much more advanced than eyebrow tattooing and allows us to create natural-looking and extremely realistic brows that look as if they are your own.

The procedure involves drawing on a template of your existing brows and then using tiny needles to mimic the colour and texture of your natural brows, allowing you to have the most natural looking results possible! The result is a very natural-looking eyebrow with crisp and precise strokes that are virtually unnoticeable.

Choosing the right treatment

If you’re considering permanent make up for your brows, it’s important to consult with a specialist who has experience in the process. In this way, your new brows will look natural, believable and well-suited to your unique face shape. We have some of the best brow specialists in Sydney, so book your complimentary consultation with Sally Toole from Eyes + Artistry today!

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