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Neighbors catching neighbors peeing in yard


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I would report him. If this doesn’t work, call your local police department and obtain a trespass warning against the neighbor, providing law enforcement with the photographic evidence as proof. People may try to deny it, but after living hear for 45 years its quite easy to see the cultural shift away from community. Allows great leeway in what you can do, especially with uncontrolled animals. No one was home at the time.


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Neighbors catching neighbors peeing in yard. I used this once in my back yard. I purchased a wildlife camera that triggers on body motion and heat(infra-red). I feel that no matter what we turn up that landlord probably won’t evict them since he has been so desperate to rent that house. They were probably scolded not to poop at home base, but only shown it was okay to poop next door. Try finding out if they rent the house maybe and complain to the owner. Not the time of year to plant roses.


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However, he says he’s considering filing lawsuits against fagiano and lamonica. Then you have proof for both the guy, and the cops.

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