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No asshole rule

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Violators will be dealt with politely and swiftly. Where i put it in earlier post. At its best, it is a careless act; at its worst, i think it is one of the nastiest things one academic can do to another because personal integrity is so crucial to the scholarly world. He mentioned they recently had fired a client because they behaved like assholes. I would encourage you to review the whole chapter, but here are a few key ideas: The upshot: enforce the rule by linking big policies to small decencies.


Forget the seven habits but remember theBob sutton: the

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TheThe : helping you build a civilized work environment - girls in techgirls in techWhy i wrote the

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No asshole rule. Reminds us of how and why our worship of violent celebrity hero g-men and gangsters came about and how we now are reaping the results. Beware, however, that these ideas are volatile and dangerous: they provide the ammunition that deluded and destructive jerks can use to justify, and even glorify, their penchant for demeaning others. To others and to their companies. If you go to any lawyer or human research manager, they will tell you that if you are subject to abuse, keeping careful records of the abuse is essential for defending yourself. It is not a common surname but i have several friends named as such.

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Misunderstandings, miscommunication, or someone leaping to a conclusion. Over the last two months si spoke with more than a dozen players and staff members from the past four bruins teams.

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