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Nonmotile sperm both wind and insect pollinated

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Why is water a necessary component for fertilization to take place in some plants? - quora

The haploid cells produced in the polen sacs that divides mitotically and produce male gametophyte is called microspore. 6) immigration (local overpopulation problem). The phenomenon in which two different generations alternate with each other during life cycle is known as alternation of generations. Division into two; the simplest method of asexual reproduction in prokaryotes and many unicellular eukaryotes in which an organism simply divides into two. It is funnel shaped opening of the fallopian tube. Part of the gynoecium or female reproductive part of the flower; consists of stigma, style and ovary is called carpel or pistil.

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Nonmotile sperm both wind and insect pollinated. 7) stigma has feathery branches for catching pollen. Animal-based pollination is efficient and. Embryo by further development changes to new individual. Underground vertical shoots which have modified leaves are called bulbs. Horizontal underground stems; have scale leaves with buds; shoots of the new plant develop and grow form buds.


For this purpose, these plants have motile or flagellated-male gamete/sperm and motile or non-motile female gamete/egg to facilitate the fertilization process. Pollination is the transfer of pollen to the female organs of seed plants.

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