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Billy jack

However, laughlin’s wife (and the producer of. – is cut back severely here, while lucie arnez pops in and out of the movie with ineffectual regularity (her “big” scene where she screeches at billy about washington corruption, is quite simply, an embarrassment for all concerned). However, almost like a tv pilot that features a different secondary cast than the one that ends up in the subsequent series, vicky disappears without a trace by the second movie. Her mother, played by jane russell, has left the house, suspiciously tarted up for her “cocktail lounge” job (is laughlin saying, “like mother, like daughter”?), so jodell starts to execute a rather impressive bump-and-grind for the audience, to the accompaniment of music from. The students respond with further unrest and the usual ridiculous list of demands from the authorities. These look as good as you’re probably ever going to see them, and they’re miles above previous full-screen releases and television presentations. Com to read notes, bios, and other random movie thoughts.

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Nude indian girl in billy jack. But this unfathomably long egomaniacal kick to the teeth is not worth wasting the media on which it is saved. Our archive of celebs includes nude content can be downloaded for free. ) and while that particular sequence is well choreographed and executed (although the magic of dvd’s clarity now permanently ruins the illusion that it’s laughlin himself doing the difficult kicks; we can now clearly see it’s laughlin’s martial arts advisor, bong soo han, doing the trickiest moves), it’s nowhere near the duration nor the intensity of a random five minutes from any bruce lee action sequence. 35:1 widescreen, the rest of the film looks surprisingly dingy and cramped). Better to get on tv and bitch about things.


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I have no doubt that the laughlins believe in their causes they discuss on the dvd commentaries, but i also firmly believe that the. Frankly i was shocked, not having seen the film in decades, at the paltry amounts of action in the film – a sentiment echoed by tom laughlin himself when he realizes there’s really only one major fight scene (somehow, i remember an ass-whompin’ every ten minutes or so in my “memory.

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