Pallet Rack Post Protectors

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Collisions between pallet rack post protectors and other warehouse equipment are the most common causes of injuries to warehousing workers. Even a single significant impact can weaken a structural frame and render the entire rack unsafe. A racking collision can also require that the damaged system be unloaded and inspected, temporarily reducing storage capacity.

How many pallet rack spacers do I need?

Post protectors are an economical and durable solution to protect racking structures against impacts from warehouse equipment. They come in a variety of styles and options to suit any pallet rack installation.

Bolt-down steel post protectors are the most recognizable style of add-on pallet rack protection. They are anchored to the floor and wrap around the base of a vertical upright post. They help prevent dent and shear damage to the post by transferring impact energy to the concrete floor. These protectors can be installed at either the column footer or every beam level. Depending on the model, some bolt-down protectors can include a curved straddle design.

Another option is the welded steel plate construction of a rack-mounted protector. This is a much stronger style of protector that helps to resist impact without transferring the force to the upright itself. These protectors can be installed at the column footer or every beam level, and they are usually anchored with a bullnose anchor feature.

Finally, there are plastic and metal rack column guards that attach to the front face of a vertical upright. They offer some protection against impact, but they are less effective than a solid steel protector. These guards have an open side to allow forklift traffic to pass through them, but they still help to absorb some of the force of an impact.

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