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Parent spank you

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Did your parents spank you?  how? and do you hate them for it?  : askreddit

In the moment, there is no time to talk about heat and skin and burning. I won’t be violent about it and it will probably not be anything extended. He used to feed the poor here in india pretty much every day. Personally, while i could see spanking my kids if they do something seriously wrong, i’d never do it because of schoolwork. Him not touching the stove out of fear of me is not acceptable to me.

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Did your parents spank you? how? and do you hate them for it?


Parent spank you. I know it wasn’t malicious. Somehow they got us so far that at least i always thought about how others would feel. But as they get older, i wouldn’t spank them for bad grades for exanmple – i don’t see the point in that. I never said anything. I’ve only been on holiday once in thirty years because i hate them.


Of those 16-18 years, most people have difficulty remembering anything that happened to them prior to year 7 or 8. There are some parents who don’t get more than 25 feet away from their kids, for years, when they are young. It’s all good now though.

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