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Please enable it in your browser or use a browser that supports it. Camera-work, whether attributable to maestro (not bloody likely) or whoever, is poor, and the orgy footage quite boring. This site requires javascript to function. All of this amounts to nothing, the subplot dropped entirely once davis whips out his cock and does what he does best for the camera.


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Private swingers orgies. The height of self-promotion, peter acworth’s “documenting” of his big june 25th, 2009 party in frisco is a terrible porn video, hardly of even historical interest (why i watched it). Big” we see acworth is merely a money-grubbing jerk so his story is less than uninteresting. I was rooting for the brit transplant to frisco to get swallowed up in an earthquake. Swinger , party , mature. You must be logged in to use this feature. (or maybe he’s playing the real mark davis seeing a phony doctor? who cares?) sure enough, they sheepishly bump into each other at the entrance to the armory where peter is headquartered and holds his orgies, still pretending to be innocent of such low-life activities.


Like the sequel, the “real swingers” who are the film’s marketing hook are mainly voyeurs. Film’s only attempts at comedy involved maestro shirking his work to hump instead like the myriad of pro porn performers he’s photographing. You will need to.

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