Can We Do PhD From Distance?

Can I do PhD after Open University?


You can.

You need to have your masters degree from a recognized university and have minimum of 60% of marks to enroll for PhD.

Certain universities provide distance mode for doing your PhD as well..

Can we do PhD After distance masters?

Degree program pursued through distance mode, are accepted and valid if learned from recognized college/university. Both in case of higher education and government jobs. 2. The eligibility criteria for PhD varies for every institute.

Is distance learning MBA eligible for PhD?

Yes, one can do a PhD after a distance MBA. The institute must be recognised by UGC. Universities cannot differentiate between the degrees. The degree earned must be in tandem with the degree mentioned in the eligibility criteria. The application process is as same as the process for regular courses.

Can I do PhD while working?

Completing a minimal PhD can certainly be done while working full time in an unrelated job, if you are very diligent. … If you can spend only 20 hours after work, it will take you 15 years to put in the same number of hours.

Can I do PhD after Ignou MBA?

Yes you are eligible for PhD after completing MBA from Ignou. MBA is a master’s degree which is the minimum qualification for PhD. All you need is 55%-60% marks in your masters. You can also go for PhD distance program.

Is Ignou PhD valid?

ignou stands for indira gandhi national open university. it is a reconized university in india and phd degree from ignou is valid. … a entrance exam will be held by the university which is similar to ugc net or csir net exam type. ignou offers phd course in following subjects.

Is distance degree valid?

“All degrees, diplomas and certificates, including technical education degrees and diplomas awarded through open and distance-learning mode of education by universities established by an Act of Parliament or state legislature, institutions deemed to be universities under Section 3 of the UGC Act and institutions of …

Is Open University degree valid?

It said the degrees of Open and Distance Learning (ODL) institutions registered under the erstwhile Distance Education Council (DEC) or the commission, in conformity with UGC Notification on Specification of Degrees, should be treated as equivalent to the corresponding awards of the Degree or Diploma or Certificate of …

Is a research degree a PhD?

The two types of research degrees are: Research master’s degrees: MPhil (Master of Philosophy) and MRes (Master of Research) Doctoral degrees: PhD (Doctor in Philosophy), MD (Doctor of Medicine), and various Professional Doctorates.

Is distance MSc valid?

The answer is yes! Distance education too involves a study material of a university curriculum, examinations governed by the universities themselves.

What is PhD without course?

Doing the PhD without coursework means that completing the PhD might not result in any meaningful notoriety. Many of the research-only PhDs encourage abstract or poster presentations at major conferences and publication. In this way the PhD can accentuate your expertise in research.

Is Ignou degree valid for lecturer?

Yes, you are eligible, as IGNOU is an recognized university and the certificates and degrees offered by the university is considered equivalent to the one offered by any other reputed university. So, definitely you will be eligible to take the lectureship test conducted by the University Grant Commission.

Can I do PhD in English from Ignou?

Qualifies in the entrance examination conducted by IGNOU at the National level. The Doctoral Studies Programme in English and Hindi is aimed at training professionals and teachers in the skill and competencies related to the systematic investigation of various issues and problems in their area of study.

Is Ignou PhD valuable?

Ph. D carries its own value and IGNOU is the largest university in the world, therefore it most definitely has value. There are private universities like Manipal and others which also have their own individual value, from an employment point of view.

Is online PhD valid in India?

The UGC has issued a circular stating that the degrees granted through distance education for PhD programmes will no more be recognised. … PhD degrees obtained through distance mode will no more be recognised after the University Grants Commission (UGC) issued a circular stating the same.

Can I do MSc from distance?

Students who are not interested in pursuing a regular Master of Science (MSc) degree, they can opt to pursue the course as a correspondence or distance programme. … It is the new trend where students, who cannot attend full-time regular courses, opt for a distant course.

Is Ignou PhD approved by UGC?

Only regular-mode PhD programs to be recognized: UGC Though most universities offer such regular-mode PhD programs only, some like Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU) offer distance courses.

What is the process of PhD in Ignou?

IGNOU PhD Eligibility Criteria The candidate must have done their postgraduation in the relevant discipline. The candidate must have done their postgraduation from a recognized university. The candidate must have secured a minimum of 55% in their postgraduation.

Is distance education valid for PhD?

Degrees granted for Doctor of Philosophy (Ph D) programs done through distance education will not be recognised, said the University Grants Commission (UGC) in a circular. … “Most universities, including MU, do not offer Ph D in distance mode.

How long is PhD?

A PhD takes twice as long as a bachelor’s degree to complete. The average student takes 8.2 years to slog through a PhD program and is 33 years old before earning that top diploma. By that age, most Americans with mere bachelor’s degree are well into establishing themselves professionally. 2.

How can I get PhD in India?

How to Apply for a PhD in India / Abroad Successfully ? … Step 1: Start early and research on available Ph.D. … Step 2: Decide on what area or topic you want to specialize in. … Step 3: Choose a topic for your PhD dissertation. … Step 4: Research for a potential supervisor. … Step 5: Send a “formal” application to your supervisor.More items…•