Is Showtime Having A Free Preview?

How long is the Showtime free preview?

Free View lets you run the show.

Free View gives you the option to preview each premium network you don’t currently subscribe to for 48 hours, whenever and virtually wherever you choose.

That means you’ll enjoy a: Free HBO weekend preview.

Free SHOWTIME weekend preview..

What channels is Showtime on DISH?

Showtime on DISH Network – Channel 318 – 333.

Is HBO having a free weekend?

Watch HBO® & Cinemax®—Free All Weekend Long! Plus, watch Cinemax for Hollywood hits and action-packed original series. … Tune in to FusionTV: HBO Channels 316-321 and 716 in HD, Cinemax Channels 323-330 and 723 in HD.

Is Showtime free this weekend on Xfinity?

Showtime Free Preview on Xfinity Free Preview Begins: August 7, 2020 (Friday) Free Preview Ends: August 9, 2020 …

How do I get Showtime for free?

How to Get a Showtime Free Trial?Go to Showtime’s streaming website.Click on the Start your free trial red button.Add payment information.Confirm and enjoy the free trial!

How much is showtime a month on spectrum?

Add SHOWTIME® to any Spectrum TV package for only $15/month.

Is DirecTV offering free Showtime?

DirecTV & AT&T U-Verse subscribers can enjoy a free preview of HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, & EPIX channels! Visit the home page of the free preview website to see if your cable provider is participating (more providers may be added as the date approaches).

Is Showtime doing a free preview?

HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, and EPIX Free Preview.

Is Showtime free this weekend on spectrum?

Charter Communications announced yesterday that subscribers to Spectrum TV now have completely free access to Showtime and Epix programming for the next three weeks.

How do I get free Showtime on spectrum?

To get SHOWTIME ANYTIME access on your computer:Visit and find Log In in the top right corner.Select Spectrum as your TV provider.Enter your Spectrum Username and Password.You’ll now be signed in and able to watch you program.

Is Showtime free on dish right now?

SHOWTIME Anytime© allows you to stream SHOWTIME© wherever and whenever you want on your favorite device. … SHOWTIME Anytime is free with your SHOWTIME subscription through DISH.

What channels are Showtime on?

What channel is Showtime HD on?AT&T U-verse HD. Showtime – Channel(s) 1852 – 1866.Charter Spectrum HD. Showtime – Channel(s) 560 – 582.Comcast XFINITY TV HD. Showtime – Channel(s) 339 – 350.Cox Communication HD. Showtime – Channel(s) 1240 – 1243.DirecTV HD. Showtime – Channel(s) 545 – 552.DISH Network HD. … Time Warner / Spectrum HD. … Verizon FiOS HD.

How long is Showtime free on Dish?

3 monthAll of DISH’s plans come with a free 3 month preview of premium movie channels (Showtime, STARZ, etc.)

How much is showtime a month on DISH?

Add SHOWTIME to your DISH Package for $10/mo.