Is The Sweet Business Good?

What’s the best auto rifle in Destiny 2?

Best Auto RiflesHard Light.

Hard Light has had a meteoric rise to power thanks to some recent changes to Auto Rifles.

SUROS Regime.

SUROS Regime can also be switched to a slower rate of fire using Dual Speed Receiver.

Monte Carlo.


The Ringing Nail.

Seventh Seraph Carbine..

How do you get 1000 voices?

One Thousand Voices can be obtained after clearing the Last Wish raid and defeating Riven of a Thousand Voices. After clearing the Queenspath trial, the weapon can be looted from one of the chests requiring an Ethereal Key.

Is Ikelos shotgun still good?

again”. You see, for the longest time, the IKELOS shotgun was the king of the Shotguns in Destiny 2. This is thanks to the perch Trench Barrel, which increased damage after a melee hit. It’s still a very good Shotgun, but recent nerfs have broken the crown, just a little.

Is Eriana’s vow good?

As of now, Eriana’s Vow works pretty well in PVE because of its high damage, and you can often quickly finish off yellow bar enemies before they give you any problems.

Can you get telesto catalyst solo?

Just a video guide showing how you can easily glitch through the Prestige Eater of Worlds for the ring chest and a chance at obtaining the Telesto Catalyst alone, without a group on a Warlock. It is not a guaranteed drop, but a chance at a drop.

How do you get bad juju?

To get Bad Juju, you need to unlock any 18 Tributes as part of the Golden Hero quest step. These have multiple stages, each one unlocking a War Beast that is added to the centre of the Tribute Hall. Upon the 18th statue you’ll get the final War Beast, and then are able to complete the Golden Hero step.

Is Sweet business good for PVP?

Sweet Business is an Exotic Auto Rifle that looks pretty damn badass, but it’s only ranked in position 41 for PVP. … Sweet Business fires 360 rounds per minute, has an Impact of 18, a Range of 37, Stability of 46, Magazine of 45, Reload Speed of 10, and Handling of 10.

Is Sweet business good for PVE?

Sweet Business – Auto Rifles are getting between 25-30% damage buffs depending on enemy rank, but Sweet Business is also getting a few buffs specific to it. … Its PvE damage has gone up 15% on top of the Auto Rifle buffs. Its magazine size has gone from 100 to 150.

What does the sweet business catalyst do?

This weapon generates Orbs on multikills and displays the number of enemies defeated by using it. When upgraded to a Masterwork, this weapon receives additional bonuses. Found in strikes and the Crucible.

What is the best exotic auto rifle in Destiny 2?

Here are some additional picks for the best Auto Rifles players can use in Destiny 2.1 Gnawing Hunger.2 The Summoner. … 3 SUROS Regime. … 4 Steelfeather Repeater. … 5 Hard Light. … 6 Cerberus+1. … 7 Monte Carlo. … 8 The Forward Path. … More items…•

How good is Cerberus 1?

Cerberus+1 is an interesting and rather unique weapon. It’s great fun when used in either PvE or the Crucible. … The spread of bullets coupled with firing 360 rounds per minute, Cerberus+1 is a great weapon to use when burning down trash mobs.

How do I get exotic cipher?

So far, the only guaranteed way to get an Exotic Cipher is from the Season Pass. Even players with the free version can get one. As for what Exotic Ciphers are used for, as the description states, they can be traded to Xur or Master Rahool the Cryptarch for “a reward”.

Where can I find sweet business?

Sweet Business can be obtained by loot drops in PVE and PVP, Exotic Engrams, or can be purchased from Xur.

What is the most powerful weapon in Destiny 2?

Why should you use it? Izanagi’s Burden delivers the highest and most consistent DPS of any weapon in Destiny 2, full stop. Its Exotic perk, Honed Edge, lets you condense its four-round clip into one powerful shot, letting you deal massive burst damage to bosses and majors.

Will XUR sell sweet business?

Destiny 2 has a new Xur inventory for June 7, and we’re here to show it off. From his new location on Nessus, Xur is selling special items like Sweet Business, the Karnstein Armlets and Sixth Coyote.

What is XUR selling?

Who Is Xur? If you’re new to the game, Xur is a character that sells exotic weapons and armour over the weekend. He appears at 6 pm BST in a seemingly random location and offers rare gear in exchange for legendary shards that you can collect from dismantling legendary gear or completing activities.

What is the best sword in Destiny 2?

Here are the 10 best Swords everyone needs in Destiny 2.1 Throne-Cleaver. If safety isn’t the main concern, pick up the Titan exclusive Throne-Cleaver.2 Black Talon. … 3 Goldtusk. … 4 Stryker’s Sure-Hand. … 5 It Stared Back. … 6 Night Terror. … 7 Just In Case. … 8 Death’s Razor. … More items…•

What is the strongest weapon in Destiny 2?

If you’ve played Destiny 2 you will have heard of Recluse. It’s the strongest primary weapon in Destiny history, and likely the main reason Pinnacle weapons were removed from Destiny 2. Its unique perk, Master of Arms, is basically a better Rampage in that it activates with kills using any weapon.

Is outbreak perfected good?

What makes it good? While only a primary weapon, Outbreak Perfected can dish out serious damage in the right circumstances. Rapid hits or precision kills with Outbreak Perfected generate damaging SIVA swarms that attack the target. If an entire fireteam uses Outbreak, they can melt a boss in no time at all.

How do you farm pluperfect?

How to Farm Pluperfect in Destiny 2. The first time you get the Pluperfect will be through ranking up in the Destiny 2 Season Pass. Ranking up is done just by killing enemies and completing activities to fill up the progress bar at the bottom of the screen, and you’ll eventually receive the Pluperfect as a reward.