Question: Does Batman Ever Get Scared?

Does Batman have fear?

Batman’s indomitable fear is that there will come a day when he will no longer be able to fight for the ideals he held so dear.

That he would snap beyond repair, no longer protecting the morals such as his “no-kill” code that he stood for all his life..

Why do criminals fear Batman?

There are a lot of answers saying that people fear Batman because he “breaks your bones and tortures you” rather than straight up killing you. That somehow, criminals would prefer a quick clean death than long agonizing torture Batman would or could inflict on them.

What is Joker’s real name?

For the purposes of the Warner Bros standalone Joker movie, the Joker’s real name is Arthur Fleck. This name is not strictly speaking canon, however. The name is an invention of the director, whose goal was to show the evolution of a man into one of the most diabolical villains in comic book history.

Does Batman fear Superman?

16 BATMAN. Superman and Batman have worked together and have been allies and friends for decades, but the truth is that Batman scares the blue tights off of Superman.

Is Bruce Wayne Insane?

In batman:earth one, it’s revealed that he’s descended from the Waynes on his fathers side, and from the Arkham’s on his mothers side. In the story, it’s implied that he’s just as crazy as any previous Arkham. That said, he’s not insane, really. … Batman and joker both know waaaay too much about what they’re doing.

Can Batman defeat flash?

If we are being honest, Batman could kill any Flash the same way any of the Flash’s Rogue’s gallery might. … Yes, in a straight up conflict with any Flash, Batman has little or no chance of winning. But in any conflict where he has the time to plan, the Flash is dead, dead, dead.

What is Batman’s fear in Arkham Knight?

He’s afraid of taking his first life and being unable to control himself, leading him to become a serial killer ala Joker. He’s afraid of his identity being found out and revealed, putting everything at risk.

How does Batman use fear?

Crane’s fear toxin is a weapon. Batman uses fear as a tool. Batman has used Scarecrow’s toxins in the past, just grabbing what was at hand to gain the advantage.

Is scarecrow scared of Batman?

For the most part, failure and rejection are two things Scarecrow definitely fears most. However, I’d say Scarecrow’s one TRUE fear, is Batman. How did Scarecrow make his fear toxin?

What is the Joker’s greatest fear?

“Apparently, the thing he fears the most is that he is not taken seriously nor feared. That he is seen as a common clown. ” That’s how I’ve been seeing Joker for quite awhile now. He is afraid of people not being afraid of him, because that empowers him. He feels humiliation being seen as just a clown or a freak.

What is Lex Luthor’s weakness?

pride7 What is Lex Luthor’s weakness? As powerful as Lex Luthor is, he is human and all humans have weaknesses. Perhaps Luthor’s greatest weakness is his pride. He is so arrogant that he assumes all of his schemes will work out as planned, just because he’s a genius and he came up with them.

What is Joker’s weakness?

prideJoker’s weakness is his pride and need to be in the spotlight. True that Batman is the one audience member he can always count on, but the show is not just for him. Joker plans his heists and jokes with the intention of everyone in Gotham (and hopefully the world) will see it and know that Joker did this.

Why did Batman choose bats?

Bruce is scared of bats due to a traumatic childhood experience. He’s reminded of this experience while he’s developing his superhero identity. So he decides to adopt the symbol of a bat, something he thinks is scary, because he wants to both inspire fear in others and conquer his own fear.

Why is Batman so scary?

The reason why Batman is scary is more than just his physical abilities. In the New 52, no one really knew Batman existed until he joined the Justice League, even after fighting crime for over 10 years. … He has transcended vigilantism and become the pure symbol of what he hoped criminals would come to fear: justice.

How dangerous is Batman?

Batman is a mere human, he has absolutely no “super” powers. His powers is only at par with Olympic level athletes. It is not too big a deal to defeat him in hand-to-hand combat. In-spite of this he is one of the most dangerous man on the planet.

Who is Batman scared of?

The Dark Knight Rises: Batman’s Phobia To Bats Explained, And How He Could Get Over It… We know Batman has a deep and abiding fear of bats, but what does his phobia really mean, what is going on behind his fear and what can he do about it?

What is Batman weakness?

Furthermore, he is also vulnerable to human weaknesses such as his pride and fear. After all, his fear that the Justice League would go rogue made him paranoid enough to come up with several contingency plans designed to neutralize them.

Is Batman scared of the Joker?

I believe Batman is scared of both the Joker and his idea of disorder, chaos and how one bad day can turn anyone in to a monster because Batman knows it is true. Batman could be said to be a monster he strikes fear into criminals in his bat suit just as the Joker’s pale face strikes fear into criminals.

Why is Scarecrow evil?

Eventually, Crane began using patients as test subjects for his fear toxin. His turn to criminality is also markedly different in this version; the New 52 Scarecrow is fired from his professorship for covering an arachnophobic student with spiders, and becomes a criminal after stabbing a patient to death.

Is Scarecrow’s fear toxin possible?

Batman Arkham Knight: Is Scarecrow’s Fear Toxin Possible to Create. There certainly are drugs that can cause hallucinations, and ways to make it a “bad trip,” but the way it is administered, and how fast it works is not possible at all.

Why is Batman called Batman?

In the original comic book, Detective Comics #29 (1939), Bruce Wayne chose the name Batman, because a bat flew into his window, while he brainstormed for a code name that would “strike terror into criminals’ hearts.”