Question: How Many Riddler Hostages Are There?

Can you activate knightfall without Riddler?

In order to activate the protocol you have to lock up every villain including the riddler.

Nope, that’s not true.

There are two extra endings.

One is the “incomplete” ending which happens when you activate the knightfall protocol without completing every side mission..

How many Riddler secrets do I need to find the Riddler?

User Info: hanguknamja. you need at least 400. If you have the cat woman dlc you can also count hers towards the 400. So you actually dont need to get 100% to complete the riddler side quest.

Where is the third Riddler hostage?

Resque the third hostage from Riddler. Once you collect enough trophies, you can activate Riddler’s Machine and solve a riddle. The next Riddler’s room is located in the middle of Industrial District.

How many Riddler trophies are there in Arkham Knight?

243 Riddler trophiesOver the past few days, I decided to do something dumb: collect all 243 Riddler trophies in Batman: Arkham Knight.

How many Riddler do you have to solve in Arkham City?

400 riddler challenges400 riddler challenges total are needed, and Catwoman’s count, so you don’t necessarily have to do all 400 of Batman’s to get Riddler.

How long does it take to get all Riddler trophies Arkham Knight?

1-3 hours1-3 hours.

How do you beat Riddler?

Wait for the Riddler’s machine to hit the ground and run up to him from the frontal side. Press the standard attack key/button for your character to jump onto the machine. Keep pressing the attack key for Batman to deal damage to the Riddler, which deprives him of a third of his health.

Do you have to get Catwoman trophies to beat Riddler?

Since you can’t get Catwoman’s trophies without DLC, they aren’t necessary for stopping Riddler so you only need the 400 trophies that Batman can get to. However if you do have Catwoman her trophies will count towards the total. So either way you only need a maximum of 400 of the 440 trophies to find Riddler.

How do you solve Riddler’s riddles in Arkham City?

Use the Cryptographic Sequencer in the Processing Center to get into a room where you can align the question mark that is partially on the window in Detective Mode. Scanning the question mark will solve the riddle.

How do you get the Riddler trophy in the industrial district?

INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT – RIDDLER TROPHY #32 You’ll need the freeze blast to block the steam-spewing pipes and the disruptor: mine detonator to disarm the two proximity mines. Do all that and the trophy is yours.

How many secrets does Riddler hostages have?

You are going to have to do all the challenges and get all the trophies to complete the entire Riddler quest. Theres 440 of them.

How do you unlock the Riddler hostages in Arkham City?

Yes, you unlock one hostage for every 80 trophies you collect.

Do I have to find all Riddler trophies Arkham City?

You need to find 400 total. If you have the Catwoman DLC, the trophies she has available do count. This is false. While Catwoman has trophies, they do not count towards progress of the Riddler Side mission (rescuing the hostages).

What number comes after 3 when Knight Falls?

2, 1But then the riddler asks you “What number comes after 3 after the dark knight falls?” The answer is 2, 1.

Do you have to solve all the riddles in Arkham Knight?

It is possible to still see the credits just by doing half the Most Wanted missions, so it is still possible to beat the game without Riddler, but you need to do them all including Riddler for the full ending. The Duke has spoken!

How do I find out how many Riddler trophies I have?

Go into your menu, then hit R2 to go over to the Riddler stats page and it’s in the upper right hand corner. You can also look there how many you’ve found in each district.

Where is deadshot Victim 2 in Arkham City?

Crime Scene #2 The victim is located in the middle of the bridge at the northern part of Arkham City. Walk around him until Batman makes a comment, then scan the highway median to find where the bullet hit. Follow the trajectory to a rooftop to the southeast and check the corner of the stone railing for a tripod.