Question: What Does It Mean To Score A Piece Of Paper?

What is scoring in art?

The term scoring in the context of art refers to the scratches made on the surface of the clay.

When slip (a liquid mixture of clay and water or chemical solution) is applied to the scored surface two pieces of clay can be joined together..

What does scoring mean in crafts?

So what is scoring? Scoring creates a line in the paper which guides the fold. By learning how to score paper, you can reduce cracked and sloppy creases and give your materials a professionally finished look. There are a few different methods used to accomplish this.

What is creasing in printing?

Creasing is a process that prepares the paper for folding by creating two parallel folding points. It is recognizable by the bead created on the inside of the fold. A score only creates one stress point for the paper to fold.

What is a bone folder made of?

A bone folder, bonefolder, or folding bone is a dull-edged hand tool used to fold and crease material in crafts such as bookbinding, cardmaking, origami, and other paper crafts that require a sharp crease or fold. … They are often made from the leg bone of a cow, deer, or similar animal, or ivory.

Which side do you score paper?

There really is a proper way to fold scored cards & doing it properly really makes a difference. A score line or channel line creates two distinct sides of a card. One side has a recess or indentation, the other side has a bump or raise. The proper way is to fold into the raised side.

What can I use as a scoring tool?

When used with a straight edge (that remains straight), the non-serrated edge of a butter knife provides crisp, clean, scores. If you have a few sheets of card stock to quickly score, head into your kitchen and grab your trusty butter knife. When your done, make some toast.

What is the difference between scoring and creasing?

These are methods that help prevent a fold from cracking or breaking. Creasing causes the area of the paper to be weakened so it is easier to fold. Scoring creates a depression in the paper so it is easier to fold.

What is scoring in printing?

In the world of trade printing, scoring finish refers to the process of making a crease in paper or cardboard, so it will fold easily. Scoring helps improve the appearance of the fold because it provides a consistent guideline as well as reduces the potential for the paper to buckle or crack.

What is a scoring board?

Scoring boards are essentially plastic platforms with grooves in them that allow you to score your paper at pretty much any interval you want in order to fold paper a little easier.