Question: What Was The First Tweet Ever?

What was first tweet?

In celebration of its eighth birthday, Twitter created the First Tweets site that allows you to find your first tweet.

Not only can you find your first tweet, you can enter any Twitter username to find their first tweet.

People were excited to share their first tweet using the hashtag #FirstTweet..

When was the first tweet sent?

21 March 2006Although the first tweet was actually sent on the 21 March 2006 many of us probably didn’t start using the social network until several years later.

Is there a way to see your first tweet?

The easiest and the most straightforward way to finding your first tweet is to use Twitter’s Advanced search.

Is Mark Zuckerberg on twitter?

It is noteworthy that Zuckerberg is not very active on Twitter. His account has a total of 12 tweets since 2009 and 464,000 followers.

Does twitter delete old tweets?

Old Tweets are never lost, but cannot always be displayed.