Quick Answer: How Many LinkedIn Recommendations Should I Have?

Do recruiters look at LinkedIn recommendations?

One of the things that recruiters look at on LinkedIn is the recommendations section of a prospective job candidate.

Unlike the one-click skills endorsements on LinkedIn, a recommendation is a written statement of recommendation from a connection..

How many skills should I have on LinkedIn?

The Value of LinkedIn Skills and Endorsements LinkedIn data shows: “Members with 5 or more skills listed are contacted (messaged) up to 33x more by recruiters and other LinkedIn members, and receive up to 17x more profile views.” Skills allow recruiters to find you based on the keywords those Skills represent.

Is it OK to ask for endorsements on LinkedIn?

Ask for endorsements on LinkedIn You want people to acknowledge your skills and strengths, but you don’t want to come off as begging for disingenuous endorsements. … Gently remind them of your contributions, and ask them to offer comments on the project in the form of skill endorsements.

Do LinkedIn recommendations expire?

Recommendations are automatically removed when the account is closed.

Can you hide recommendations on LinkedIn?

Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. … Scroll to the Recommendations section and click the Edit icon in the top right corner. On the Received tab of the pop-up window, locate the recommendation you want to hide or unhide. Switch the toggle to Show or Hide.

Who can see my LinkedIn recommendations?

Recommendations you receive are only visible to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-degree connections when they are signed in to LinkedIn. Your public profile displays the number of people that have recommended you and a maximum of two anonymized received recommendations.

How do I recommend a recruiter on LinkedIn?

How to Write a Great LinkedIn RecommendationStep 1: Grab the Readers Attention. Start the LinkedIn recommendation with a hook. … Step 2: Describe Your Relationship. … Step 3: Share a Unique Value/Strength. … Step 4: Add a Personal Touch. … Step 5: End with a Solid Statement.

Is it good to have recommendations on LinkedIn?

They can “definitely help.” “LinkedIn recommendations stand out, especially if they have been made by industry leaders or contacts I already know and trust. If a candidate has a number of great recommendations, it shows that people enjoy working with them, and I would probably like working with them, too.

Why can’t I recommend someone on LinkedIn?

Recommendations can only be displayed on your LinkedIn profile if they’re requested through LinkedIn and both parties have LinkedIn profiles. You can’t add an email or other type of message as a recommendation.

Can you move recommendations on LinkedIn?

Hover over the recommendation that you want to move. Click on the arrow to the right and drag the Recommendation to where you want it. You can rearrange your Recommendations until you are satisfied with the order. Remember that recommendations hold a great deal of power.

What is a good LinkedIn recommendation?

How to Write a LinkedIn RecommendationExplain the nature of your professional relationship.Provide details of the position for which you’re recommending the person.Explain how they’ve grown at the company.Indicate how their contribution helped grow the team or company.Explain what these achievements reveal about that person.More items…•

How long should LinkedIn recommendations be?

LinkedIn recommendations are limited to 3,000 characters, but that doesn’t mean you have to max it out. Keep your recommendation between two to three short paragraphs to avoid boring readers.