Quick Answer: What Happened Between Clark And Lex?

Why did Lionel force Lex marry Lana?

Lionel wants Lana to marry Lex to protect Clark so that Lex will think he’s triumphed because he’s got “the girl” so perhaps he won’t be so interested in Clark anymore which means Lex will be further away from finding out Clark’s secret, and Lana will be able to keep him at bay and make sure he doesn’t find out, either ….

Is Lionel Luthor a good guy?

Does anyone know what it was that made Lionel Luthor become a good guy? He was a Villain at the beginning of the series, but later became good.

Who was Lex Luthor’s girlfriend?

Valerie Perrine played Lex Luthor’s moll Miss Eve Teschmacher in the 1978 film “Superman” and the 1980 sequel “Superman II.” Guess what she looks like now!

Are Tom Welling and Kristin Kreuk friends?

Welling, 42, and Rosenbaum, 46, are good friends and have gotten together a few times in recent years, but this was the first time in a while that either of them have been spotted with Kreuk, 36, who played both of their characters’ love interests.

Why did Lex Luthor hate Superman?

Luthor hates Superman because he can’t stand the fact that an ALIEN came out of nowhere and usurped his position in Metropolis. He’s also threatened because he sees himself as a superior specimen so Clark kind of makes him less than average, which he cannot abide.

Does Clark kill Lex in Smallville?

In 1989, Lex was caught in the middle of the first meteor shower that hit Smallville. Although he survived, he lost all his hair. Lex was saved and resuscitated by Clark Kent after a car accident at the Loeb Bridge.

Why did Helen kill Lex?

She was clearly paid by Lionel to spy on Lex, but got greedy and wanted it all. Then again, she didn’t reckon on Lionel defending her son’s honor. Last edited by skully; 08-19-2014 at 10:55 PM. That’s simple: she wanted complete control of Lex’s money.

Why did Kristen Kreuk leave Smallville?

“I love the people and it’s a wonderful show to work on but I realized there were things I couldn’t do due to the schedule on Smallville,” explained the Canadian beauty. “Lana has changed so much since the first season so she was always fun to play. I just wanted to try something else.”

Why did Lex kill Lionel?

Lex blocked guests (sans Clark) at Lionel’s funeral. As Lionel had killed his parents, Lex killed Lionel, proving that he was a product of Lionel’s parenting.

How much older is Lex than Clark?

Lex Luthor should be 21 years old, and Clark should be 14, but the actors representing them are 29 (Michael Rosenbaum) and 24 (Tom Welling) years old, making them 8-10 years older than the characters they are playing. Lex Luthor was 9 years old at the time of the meteor shower (1989), making him 21 as of this episode.

Is Batman jealous of Superman?

14 THEY’RE BOTH JEALOUS OF EACH OTHER Superman has incredible abilities, so he’s jealous that Batman became the superhero he is on his own merit despite not having the privileges of superpowers. Both of them are jealous of each other and what each of them has or doesn’t have (though they’d never admit it).

Does Lex know Clark secret?

Season 7, episode 20: “Arctic” After years of trying to figure out Clark’s secret, and a season of getting to the bottom of the Veritas mythology surrounding the Last Son/Traveler, Lex finally figured out that Clark was the alien at the center of everything.

Does Lex Luthor die in Smallville Season 8?

While Lex Luthor is presumed dead, and Lana Lang has left Smallville for good, Clark also meets new characters Davis Bloome, Smallville’s interpretation of Doomsday, as well as the new CEO of LuthorCorp, Tess Mercer.

Why did Clark and Lex stop being friends?

Lex mentioned to Kara about his former friendship with Clark, saying they stopped being friends because “he grew up”.

Why did Smallville get Cancelled?

When Smallville began, it revolved around Clark Kent (Tom Welling), a high school student who was discovering his super powers. … The renewal had supposedly been hinging on whether or not Welling wanted to keep doing the series. The decision has now been made that season 10 will be the show’s last.

How did Lex Luthor die in Smallville?

Luthor briefly reappeared in the eighth season heavily scarred (and portrayed by another actor) before he was seemingly killed in an explosion set by Green Arrow.

Why is Lex not in Smallville Season 8?

Rosenbaum, who plays Lex Luthor on the show, and Kreuk, who plays the love of Clark Kent’s young life, Lana, are both interested in pursuing their film careers, and as such have decided that they don’t wish to be regulars during the show’s eighth (and possibly final) season.

What season does Clark and Lex become enemies?

Clark didn’t hate him then and see him as his enemy, he just didn’t trust him. It was in season 5 Mortal when Clark found out that Lex had been watching him and Chloe in the secret lab.

What is Lex Luthor’s IQ?

225Lex Luthor’s IQ is estimated to be 225, which is very impressive. Batman’s is 192, while Albert Einstein’s is thought to be between 160 and 180.

Why is Lex Luthor evil?

Superman’s very existence cheapens Luthor’s. Luthor must prove he is the greatest man who ever lived, so he must do the impossible — he must make a god bleed. That is how/why Lex Luthor is evil; he personifies all that is right with humanity and all that is wrong with it.

Who does Lana Lang become?

Lana Lang is a character in the DC Universe and was a love interest to Superman. More recently, she has become the superhero Superwoman.