Quick Answer: What Is Best Ca Combination?

Is B Com necessary for CA?

Many students have a misconception that the Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) degree is one of the compulsory requirement for the CA course.

So, to clear your doubts, No.

A B.Com degree is not compulsory to become a CA if you are applying through Foundation Route..

Is doing Ca really worth it?

CA is the matter of repute even today and people get very good packages as well. But its not only CA degree which will fatch you everythin. CA Degree is just a gate pass to enter in to a corporate world with a higher position and/or a higher package. … CA course is worth doing anytime.

Which is easy CS or CA?

Easy Studies – CS is much easier as compared to CA which has been referred to the toughest course in India. The CA course is easy to enter but tough to exit. While the CS is also not easy but not as tough as CA. Secretarial Auditing – CS are the only persons who can sign the secretarial report of a Company.

What needed for CA?

Before taking the Integrated Professional Competence Examination, the candidate must have qualified cpt. A minimum of 55% score is required for graduates/post graduates in commerce whereas other graduates or post graduates require a minimum of 60% to apply for CA.

Why is ca not good?

The exams of ca are fabled to be quite difficult and the competition makes it one of the toughest courses in India to pass. The syllabus is pretty vast so some people find it alarming. Before the exam people usually start studying 6 months before hand for an average of about 6-8 hours a day.

Is CA good for future?

The qualified CA can apply for a government job, public or private sectors both. The CA can also play an important role in the firm in taking quick decision and make profits for the firm.

Is CA and CMA a good combination?

The advantages of pursuing a CMA degree after CA are: 1) Both course subjects are similar. 2) Additional qualification is always better than only one qualification. 3) Students can shift one course to other and can easily manage the course.

Can we do CA and CMA together?

Of course you can do CMA and CA together as both the courses are quite similar in respect to syllabus, so most of the topics are common in the syllabus of both the courses. It is a big advantage. Also CMA exams are conducted on June and December and CA exams are conducted on May and November.

Is maths required for CA?

There is no mention of mathematics as a compulsory subject. This means that students who haven’t had mathematics subject are also eligible to pursue CA training. Sure, mathematics doesn’t play a crucial role in eligibility criteria. But the subject sure is involved in the Proficiency Test and Final Level.

What is the income of CA?

A fresher earns an average salary of 7 lakh per annum. CA with an experience of more than 10 years is offered an average salary of more than 20 lakh per annum….CA Salary Package – Based on Experience.Experience in yearsAverage CA Salary per annum5-1012 lakhs10-2020 lakhs> 2050-70 lakhs1 more row•Apr 6, 2020

Which is best in commerce?

A Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting & Finance degree is one of the best courses to do after 12th if you like numbers and want to immediately start a career after graduation. … After graduation, you are eligible to get a job, or you can further study to become a Financial Analyst or Chartered Accountant.

Which is best CA or CS?

Both credentials offer different opportunities, but in most cases a CA can do everything that a CS can do. Thus, if you are going to get one certification, you are better off just becoming a chartered accountant.

Which is difficult CA or CMA?

Do upvote the answer. CA is tougher than CMA in terms of syllabus content. But the number of CA pass-outs always remains better than the number of CMA pass-outs. CMA is much more oriented towards cost and accountancy whereas in CA, you study certain other subjects as well.

Is CA better than CMA?

In CMA, one has to read more subjects related to cost accounting & statistics while in CA, one has to study more accounts, tax. If you want a general career in finance in India, then CA will be more beneficial and if you really love costing and want to work in core costing area then CMA is a wonderful course.

What is the best combination with CA?

Best combination with CA would purely depend upon one’s interest areas; a non-exhaustive list of options is as follows:Investment Banking / Corporate Finance – You may choose to do International CFA.Taxation – You may chose to do LLB for better interpretation of tax laws.More items…

Which field is best for CA?

Job in a CA firm Internal Auditing. Tax Auditing. Forensic Auditing. Career in Accounting and Finance. Taxation Advisory (Both Direct and Indirect) Statutory Audit under applicable statutes. Managing Treasury function.More items…•

What is the age limit for CA?

No, there is no upper age limit for doing CA. However you are eligible to appear in the CPT (i.e. CA entrance exam) only after appearing for Class XII examinations. Then there’s no age limit It’s upto you whether to complete at 25 years or 50 years.

Is CA easy for science students?

There are thousands of students who shifted from Science to commerce and today some are CA while some are MBA. So, if you are a science student till 12th standard and want to pursue a Chartered Accountancy course then you can easily go ahead. The only thing this course demand is hard work and dedication.

Which is easy CA or CS or CMA?

Difficulty level is lower than CA (my opinion). For CS difficulty level increases after foundation from 10% to 100%. So if you are in habit of mugging up + understanding things at the same time then you can pursue CS because the ratio between theory and practical subjects is 70–30 here.

Can I do CA and BCom together?

Yes. You can do a BCom and CA together. There’s no problem in the same. In fact, as per the new regulations of the ICAI, a student who has cleared CA must also be a graduate, not as a matter of discretion but as a matter of rule.

Which bachelor degree is best for CA?

Bcom, Mcom – Bcom,in my opinion is a must while doing CA. Most Bcom colleges do not demand attendance and hence are ideal while pursuing articleship. Mcom can be done in case you wish to go for an abroad MBA, to fulfil the 16 years of education criteria.