What Villain Is Barbara Kean?

Is Barbara Gordon a villain?

Barbara is based off Barbara Gordon Sr., the first wife of Jim Gordon.

However unlike this incarnation she wasn’t a villain.

In the comic continuity Barbara and Jim had a daughter who went on to become Batgirl (although in some continuities she is Jim’s niece)..

Who is Jim Gordon’s wife in Gotham?

Leslie ThompkinsCommissioner Gordon/Spouses

Who is Riddler’s girlfriend?

In the Oct. 26 episode of “Gotham,” we saw Cory Michael Smith’s Edward Nygma take another step towards his dark destiny as The Riddler by accidentally killing his girlfriend, Kristen Kringle (Chelsea Spack), after he confessed to murdering her abusive ex and sent her running for the door.

Who does Barbara become in Gotham?

The big news: Batgirl has officially arrived on Gotham. What it means: While fans have speculated since the series premiere five years ago that Barbara (Erin Richards) would eventually become Batgirl, the past five seasons have made it clear that she was on her own path, separate from Barbara Gordon’s in the comics.

How does Barbara Kean die?

In the Season 3 finale, Barbara was electrocuted to death by Tabitha after making one last play for power, but she’s back in business by the second episode of Season 4.

Is Barbara on Gotham really pregnant?

The end of last week’s Gotham, “13 Stitches,” boasted a moment we’ve all been expecting, yet it still somehow caught us all by surprise. Barbara Kean interrupted Jim Gordon’s otherwise sweet reunion with Lee Tompkins to tell her former fiancé that… She’s pregnant! And he’s the father!

Who killed Kristen Kringle?

Ed NygmaAlthough we all probably should have seen it coming, when Ed Nygma killed Kristen Kringle on Gotham, it was like a slap in the face. Ed and Kristen was one of those ‘ships that you weren’t quite sure if you wanted to ‘ship or not. On the one hand, Ed was really into her.

Why did Barbara Kean go crazy?

Unfortunately. The unfortunate part is that after her abduction by a killer named The Ogre towards the end of Season 1, Barbara went through a massive reinvention. She went insane, turning into sort of a proto-Harley Quinn, a rogue element running through the city of Gotham.

Is Barbara Kean Harley Quinn?

Gotham showrunner John Stephens has revealed that the show did consider turning Barbara Kean into the iconic Batman villain, Harley Quinn. … At first a bright and respected young woman, Kean evolved into a violent and unstable criminal but never did take on the Harley Quinn mantle.

Who does James Gordon marry in Gotham?

Barbara KeanSeason 1. Gordon is introduced as a homicide detective and Iraq War veteran who has recently been transferred to Gotham City, where he lives with his fiancée, Barbara Kean.

Is Penguin in love with Riddler?

Penguin and Riddler in love. … So, yes, Penguin is in love with Riddler, though the latter is a bit less than reciprocal. Okay, okay, Ed actively tries to kill Oswald, but that’s only because the Penguin killed the woman Ed himself loved out of jealousy.

Who is Barbara Kean in the comics?

In the comics, Barbara Gordon is the daughter of Jim, and she goes on to become Batgirl. While she is the mother of James Gordon’s two children, Barbara (aka Batgirl) and James, Jr., miss Kean divorced Jim and left Gotham — and her family — a long time ago.

Who becomes Harley Quinn in Gotham?

In her confrontation with Selina Kyle, she calls the young Catwoman “puddin’,” in the process all but 100% confirming that while she may not be Harleen Quinzel, Gotham’s Joker finally has his Harley Quinn.

Why did Jim Kiss Barbara?

Kidnapping Jim and Lee With Lee watching, Jim kissed Barbara in an attempt to get her to talk and she revealed that she would show him. Once he left the room, Barbara stared through the one-sided mirror at Lee, smiling.

Why did Barbara kill her parents Gotham?

Barbara, who resented her parents, apparently chose to kill her parents as she confesses to Dr. Leslie Thompkins that she chose to kill her parents outside of the Ogre’s doing.

Does Barbara die in Arkham Knight?

I knew—from talking to Kotaku critic-at-large Chris Suellentrop, who has finished the game—that Barbara Gordon is alive at the end of Arkham Knight. The impetus for my writing came from the way that she was used throughout this instance of the game—as a motivation for Batman to react a certain way.

Is Barbara Kean good or bad?

Barbara Kean is one of the main characters in the Gotham TV show who strayed from the originals. Rather than being Jim Gordon’s wife, she becomes a cruel and badass villain who has a sizeable hold on some of Gotham’s greatest villains.

Who does Kristen Kringle become?

Gotham recently brought the character of Kristen Kringle into the fray. She works with Nygma (who will eventually become the Riddler) at the Gotham City Police Department as an archivist, and, boy, is he in love with her. His attempts at courting Kristen have left many things to be desired.