Why Is Beloved So Good?

Is Revoker better than beloved?

Revoker is better in comp, beloved is better in everything else.

In 6v6 playlists, ammo is abundant and so reversal of fortune is less useful.

In survival, having the ability to lay down shots and keep pressure on certain lanes is extremely useful, and ammo can be harder to come by..

How do you get perfect beloved?

To get the Beloved Sniper Rifle, you will need to have a few specific runes. As for actually getting Beloved, you need to have the first two rune slots unlocked, though having the third one will ensure you get a Masterworked version. You must insert the following runes into the chalice: Rune Slot 1 – Rune of Jubilation.

Is beloved good in PVE?

Beloved is the new hotness in the Crucible, but it’s also a strong PvE sniper rifle. … It’s the only sniper that can roll No Distractions, which reduces flinch when you’re scoped in, and it also supports Snapshot in slot one.

Why is Revoker so good?

The best part of Revoker is its very short scope, but it was introduced alongside Beloved, which is arguably a better sniper in almost every way. This is easily the worst Crucible pinnacle weapon when those are usually defined by being great, if not flat-out overpowered.

Is beloved kinetic?

Having both makes for a versatile combination as Revoker sits in the Kinetic slot and Beloved sits in the Energy slot, meaning you can pretty much pair up these snipers with your favourite weapons across the board and be very deadly in any activity whether you prefer PVP or PVE. … Beloved is another fantastic sniper.

Is moving target good on snipers?

Opening shot is better, but moving target isn’t bad. Opening Shot if you’re good at getting domes with your first hit. Moving Target if it takes you a second or two to place your shot after going ADS.

What is the God roll for beloved?

Beloved (Jubilation [Purple] + Any Red Rune) Snapshot/Quickdraw – This is mainly for quick PvP sniping.

Is Revoker good in PvE?

Revoker is good if you’re willing to put in the work to get it. For PvE like the TC wanted, I would say something that can roll rapid hit and triple tap would be the best option. At least then if it is being used on bosses it gets a dps boost. Revoker isn’t bad in PvE, but there are better options.

Is the Revoker worth it?

If you enjoy sniping or want to get into it Revoker is among the best snipers in the game, if not for the ammo economy it presents, but also for the confidence it will give you in taking those risky shots. … Just use snipers in Quickplay to finish up the quest. I think it is well worth it.

Can Revoker one shot supers?

-Players will double down on the chance to 1-shot supers and jump to Revoker, which means the primary weapon meta will change drastically. See above re: Waking Vigil (which you can farm via Menagerie), Luna’s Howl, and Not Forgotten.

How much aim assist does Revoker have?

Item StatisticsAim Assistance44Inventory Size45Recoil Direction72Zoom35

What does range do in Snipers 2?

Range affects more than just damage drop off. It also aim assist, which is a mix of reticle stickiness (controller only) and bullet magnetism (both controller and MKB). For most snipers, you’re gonna have to try really hard to ever notice damage drop off.