Semenax Review – Increases Ejaculate Load

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Semenax is a dietary supplement that boosts male fertility, libido, and orgasms. It includes 18 extracts from natural sources that reportedly improve sexual function and sperm motility. It also comes from a cGMP-compliant pharmaceuticals manufacturer.

What ingredients increase sperm volume?

Most men experience a reduction in semen volume with age. It’s a common problem, especially for men who have had vasectomies. It can be frustrating to be stuck in bed with a partner who doesn’t make as much sperm as you used to and whose orgasms are too short or weak.

Thankfully, there are many products available that help you regain the spark and enjoyment of your sex life by increasing sperm production. These supplements contain herbal concentrates from Asia, Europe, and North and South America that have been used for hundreds of years to promote better health and enhance a man’s sexlife.

The Semenax formula stimulates the bulbourethral gland’s semen-producing functions, resulting in a higher amount of semen that can be ejaculated. This results in a thicker, almost jelly-like fluid that lubricates the urethra during sex.

In a clinical two-month double-blind study, 63 men of age 30 to 60 were given two Semenax tablets per day. They reported a 20% or more increase in semen volume compared to the placebo group, and they had stronger and longer orgasms.

The product has received thousands of positive reviews from consumers, and it’s considered safe and effective for most people. Most users report that the supplement increased their semen volume and improved their orgasms within three days of use. However, it’s always a good idea to consult with a doctor before taking any type of performer enhancement.

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