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I felt his cock spasm and fill my mouth with hot cum

Oh mr merriman, i saw you were late arriving, you can have a few minutes extra with your wife today. A fine sheen of perspiration covered her forehead and her face, her hair was damp. Then as her mind tried to cope with her bodily reactions, she felt mike’s body stiffen his movements became more rapid and the she felt the erupting jets of sperm, one after the other, each one surging up, each jet pushing the second load of mike’s seed up through the cervical entrance to her uterus. Leanne’s body shuddered and she urged up hard against mike her hips wide, her ankles crossed behind him, as her vaginal muscles sought to suck every spurt into her uterine core. When that little girl dropped her plump, sweet smelling candygram onto my face i was overwhelmed with the scent of soap and talcum, an ideal mixture for one so young and fresh.

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Spasming cunt sperm. User avatar uploaded successfuly and waiting for moderation. Mike felt his own climax start; it felt like the welling up of his very being, as he thrust deeper and deeper into her. Oh mike, i’m sorry, but i reluctantly have to ask you to go, it’s after ten o’clock and my husband will be home soon. Mike felt her legs close behind him and as she tightened them she pulled him closer the movement pushed the crown inwards and he moved his hips forward; he sank slowly into leanne’s wet warm sheath. As good as the sex was between the copulating couple, it could not continue; the once proud cock softened and mike pulled out from the sperm filled orifice, followed by a thick white string of sperm clinging to the softening head.

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If you find anything illegal or inappropiate on this site please report to the webmaster immediately! this site will never promote illegal stuff. They went downstairs mike dressed and leanne put on the towelling robe, she kissed him hard on the lips before he went out of the door, when mike turned as he got in the car, to wave goodbye, the door had closed; he drove back towards home and his mother-in-law, he did not have a care what she would say about his late arrival, he was invigorated at the thought of his latest conquest. But the fine sheen of perspiration coating his forehead had given him away.

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