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Stale sperm odor


How to get rid of unpleasant vaginal odor

In no way harmful. If the ph is above 7. If you notice a sudden change in vaginal odor, the first thing to ascertain is whether other symptoms are present. If awareness of the issues around infertility were better known, i think men would be more proactive about understanding and improving their fertility. And it happens when there is too much of certain bacteria in your vagina.

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Stale sperm odor. Pencils smell like faint lead and wood shavings (at least, freshly sharpened) and pens smell like ink – can’t really describe it but there is a smell there. Any shift in vaginal odor, particularly if the smell is strong or unpleasant, demands a trip to the doctor. Personally, anything from the crotch region smells like sweat and sometimes vinegar. Pencils smell some right after you sharpen them, like the wood but also a little like the lead. Aleece fosnight, a urology physician’s assistant and sex counselor with american association of sexuality educators, counselors, and therapists, explained that healthy semen should be a milky white or slightly grayish color. Someone a few comments down described lead really well.


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Human semen

I would guess at them being about the same. We all suffer from chapped lips. Fructose is the largest component of semen.

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