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Sucking my brother


I wish things were different, but my brother and i will likely never be close - hellogiggles

He told me matter of factly that if i didn’t suck his dick, i should go back to my room. I went down the hall and listened at the door, sure enough he was banging something, sounded like squeaks and bangs. My life was about to change forever. Up, but thinking of how loud they were when they first arrived i wondered if my dad had already been awake. Jeff is a greek god come to life. I finally wrapped my lips around him and began sliding up and down the length of his dick. He quickly noted that i was looking at his hard cock.


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Sucking my brother. My mother really came down on him for that and kept screaming at him to stop, to see someone, etc. Mostly though he was saying he was used to sleeping in the nude, certainly not with any clothes on, and that he couldn’t continue with this arrangement any longer. Ian agreed, to my. I remember having a little more than i could handle in my mouth and then him pushing – forcing – even more in my mouth. He said no and he was really mean about it. I enjoyed it but wasn’t bold enough to show him.

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I was scared, because i had been looking at these two through the key hole for months wishing i was with them, and now it was happening [still being confused, that eric wanted me to be there too]. It was just petting, i really didn’t mind. He told me to use my tongue and i was just trying to breathe.

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