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Swr redhead bass amp


Swr redhead 2x10 400 watt bass combo amp | sweetwater

Is no longer available. I have been using this little monster for 3 years without regret. There’s a problem loading this menu at the moment. I like mine just like all my other swr equipment.


Swr redhead 400 watt guitar amp | ebay


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Swr redhead bass amp. It works for me. In celebration of the 20th anniversary, swr raises its own bar with the newly redesigned redhead bass amplifier. To speak with a sweetwater sales engineer about similar products. People complain about the price a little, and it is pretty expensive, but when you consider you are getting what amounts to a 650 watt amp with a 210 cabinet and a tube preamp i think it is actually a pretty good deal (having it made in the usa doesn’t hurt either). In the classifieds and get 10% off everything all the time at the tb store. For these reason, i have given this product low scores in value and overall rating.

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of a great bass amp with a great update!

Thats why i gave features a 4! the quality is there, the front panel cover is a nice touch. Exclusive deals, delivered straight to your inbox.

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