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If you’re looking to sculpt a six-pack, the kettlebell ab workout is the way to go. It’s a full-body workout that will leave your core feeling stronger and more defined than ever before, says Lindsay Duncan, director of kettlebell education at CrossFit Boxing.

To get started, pick up a light kettlebell and lie on the floor in a plank position. Hold the bell slightly away from your chest and brace your core to close out that space between your ribs and hips.

Then slowly lower your legs down to the floor, bringing your heels up as you come back to the start position. Repeat the exercise on each side, alternating sides for 12 reps total.

Kettlebell Workouts for Abs: How to Get the Perfect Beach Body

Turkish twists x 12: With one kettlebell in each hand, sit in a V position (if you’re new to this move, keep your heels on the floor), and twist your body to lightly touch the bell to the ground on each side, one side-to-side counts as a single rep.

Typewriter drags x 12: Stand with feet hip-width apart, with a kettlebell on the side of your hand and your core engaged. Use your other hand to pull the kettlebell under your body and then place it on the opposite side, one side-to-side counts for a rep.

Finally, you’ll finish up with a kettlebell twist on the classic plank. “This is an anti-rotational exercise, which means your core has to work hard to resist the twisting as you drag it around,” says Duncan.

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