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The korean penis fish


These penis-shaped sea worms are eaten raw - videos - nowthis

Please click below to consent to the use of this technology while browsing our site. You know, the uncooked version encased in pig intestines. You disliked this video. Not only should the marine spoon worm be eaten raw and rinsed with salt water but koreans usually prepare it sliced diagonally and garnished or dipped in salt and sesame oil. Ako titikman ko lang kahit once siguro basta nahiwa. Make sure to cut off both ends and clean it well first. Remove ads with dramafever premium.


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The korean penis fish. Please sign in to comment. I know right? why eat it raw and still moving? whew. If you’re eating something, we advise you set it aside before attempting to read this. Well a lot of you korean, chinese, japanese and russian people might be eating this regularly, but most of us probably haven’t.


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In south korea alone penis fish sold freely in traditional markets and modern. Wash it down with some. There are no alternative facts.

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