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The specialized design of Triple Offset Valve Solutions (TOVs) sets them apart from other types in terms of efficiency, reliability, longevity, and performance. Their innate capabilities and benefits have made them an indispensable asset in various industrial applications where leakage can lead to serious safety issues and operational inefficiencies.

In fact, TOVs are frequently utilized in demanding oil and gas applications, where a robust and durable seal is a must. But their versatility and broad-ranging applicability also makes them ideal for other industries, including desalination, water treatment and distribution, pulp and paper manufacturing, district heating, shipbuilding, and electricity production.

Triple Offset Technology

The distinct features of TOVs rely on their three-offset geometry, which guarantees non-rubbing rotation and metal-to-metal sealing. The first offset involves the positioning of the seal axis, which is intentionally set off-center from the pipe or bore axis. This unique configuration allows for a 360-degree sealing surface and facilitates a tight shut-off when the valve is in the closed position.

Another key aspect of TOVs is the placement of the stem axis behind the seal plane. This specific positioning enables the cam-like motion of the stem as it opens and closes, ensuring minimal wear between the seat and seal during operation.

In addition, the TOV’s inclination of the sealing surfaces results in an almost frictionless operation, which further reduces wear and tear between the sealing components and minimizes maintenance needs. This feature also enables the use of smaller and more cost-effective actuators than would be possible with other valve types, further reducing operating costs.

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