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Where do men by pantyhose

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So essentialy, go ahead and wear pantyhose, I gather cities in canada are quite accepting. I am a guy and i have been wearing pantyhose for over 30 years. I went on a date and the guy had on pantyhose under his suit trousers.

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Where do men by pantyhose. I’ve been wearing pantyhose for many years, i’ll have on shorts or a kilt, still wearing pantyhose the whole time, always have received many compliments. A guy can wear pantyhose pretty much anywhere he wants too. Wear what makes you happy and comfortable. The secret is to be confident and walk around as if it is the most usual thing in the world.

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Notice, they would forget all about it in less than ten seconds, if not five. Wherever he feels brave or confident enough to. Just enjoy those pantyhose.

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